Regional Library Media Professional Learning Conference
~ Building Relationships to Promote Quality Learning and Instruction ~

Agenda: October 11, 2011
8:30-3:00 (0.6 c.e.u.’s provided for the day)

Meeting Preparation: Please come prepared to share with the group something you use which you have found particularly effective in your work. This might be a strategy, a resource (e.g. web site), or a specific activity or lesson.

Welcome and Facilitator Introductions


Ice Breaking Activity

Reading / Protocol for discussion Things That Keep Us Up At Night/The Final Word


Wiki Sign-Up and How To

Small Group Sharing of Effective Instructional Strategies

Lunch 11:30 - 12:00

Web Site Exploration

Schmoker Model for Collaborative Lesson Development and Selection of Effective Instructional Strategies

Agenda Setting for November 8
  • What do you want to develop further?
  • What questions/issues would you like to see addressed by the group?
  • What work needs to be done before you meet in November?
  • Who will do it?
  • How will your group communicate during the year?

Closure and Evaluation