Effective Questioning

Amplify: “Tell me more about that.”
Clarify: “What do you mean when you say such and such? Explain that a bit more.”
Paraphrase/Summarize: “Tell me what happened in your own words.”
Cause/Effect: “Which happened first? Did that lead to something? Why? What were the causes?”

Compare Contrast: “What do these two have in common? How are they different? Have you learned anything like this before? What does this information remind you of?”

Example: “Can you give an example of this?”

Definition: “How would you define this?”

Characteristic: “What’s a characteristic of this?”

Qualification: “When is this not true? Are there any exceptions to this?”

Source: Meyer, E., & Smith L.Z. (1987). The practical tutor. New York: Oxford University Press. p.34.