21st C. Skills- REducational Technoloy Journal

The Arts Education Partinership
"In a global marketplace that calls for innovation, American schools should be developing skills of the imagination. A large majority of Americans has come to recognize that, in order to foster innovation in the marketplace, we must cultivate the imagination in schools." (from the Imagination Station- http://www.theimaginenation.net/resources/tinresources_casestatement.pdf

- personal interest and self-selection for personal reading and research.
-Innovative products(ie. book trailers) with access to different technologies for presenting information: ex. Prezi, Glogster, Skype, author blogs, Animoto, Voicethread,
Storybird, Kerpoof, Goanimate, Weebly (own website)
- unblock sites
-integration with art, music as well as science and social studies.